Trudi Day Artist ImageTrudi Day Artist, Teacher, Colour Therapist and NLP Master Practitioner

I’ve painted all my life gaining both experience and qualifications over the years.  I started out as a self-taught artist but along my journey I've achieved several qualifications and been recognised with several distinctive awards, including best picture at the 2002 Bath & West show, Chairman's choice in 2016 as well as a highly commended for a second piece of work.  I now paint for pleasure as well as a career, offering various classes and original artwork for sale. 

I throughly enjoy passing on my passion for painting through teaching, watching my students grow in talent and confidence and the pleasure it gives me to see delight in those who buy my art.                                            


Trudi my story...

My background is in art, I'm very much a self-taught artist and I was fortunate to spend time as a student at The Mendip Painting Centre and with locally renowned artists, Dick Boulton and Barry Paine. I live amongst the beautiful surroundings of the East Devon countryside very near the glorious Jurassic Coast, and my paintings often portray local scenery. However, other favourite spots include the stunning South Devon and Cornwall coastlines and The Algarve, Portugal. I enjoy the challenge of painting changing and shifting light in all mediums. The paintings that result are illuminated by my love of working with many and varied subjects.

I have exhibited widely throughout the West Country, concentrating on all the major Art Weeks and Trails and The Royal Bath and West Show where in 2002 I was awarded 1st place for best picture followed by several Commendations in subsequent years. Winning the prestigious Chairman's choice in 2016 for Morning Bluebells and highly commended for Clocks in the same year.

I have run my own School of Art for many years and love the interactivity with students of all ages and abilities. I’ve also been taking students to Portugal on Painting holidays since 2005. I trained as a colour therapist in 2006 and find this invaluable with both my teaching and my own painting. I am also a fully trained as an NLP Master Practitioner and am an accredited coach with the Sue Stone Foundation.

I love working with people, helping them release their creative talent, enjoy colour and find a passion in art and nature.


My Artwork...

My inspiration has always come from a fascination with light. I love the way light plays over objects such as trees and fields, water and figures. My quest is to find the ability to capture this on paper or canvas.  As a preferred choice of subject, the sea has always drawn me; I love water and am never happier than spending time by the sea, rivers or lakes. So naturally I like to draw and paint them whenever possible.

Water Colours
When painting water colours (always a challenge!) I work (mostly) wet, loose and fairly quickly. I will probably sketch in the details using a soft 2B pencil followed on most occasions by outlining the drawing by using a very fine waterproof pen in sepia. I then rub out the pencil lines. I like to work in this way as it keeps my drawing visible throughout the painting process and gives a neat finish. 

Oil paints
One of my favourite mediums is oils. I love the buttery texture of oil paint, the quality of colour I can achieve, the directness of the medium leaving the final painting as fresh and bright as when first painted (No fading or drying down of colours as in water colour). I love the smell of turps and the long-handled brushes stuck, upended, in a big jar. I work on coloured boards which have been prepared beforehand by using up all the old paint from my palette!! 

Acrylic paints
Recently, I have re-discovered acrylics. In the past I have only used this medium to prime and prepare boards and for under painting. But as it becomes more and more popular especially among my students, I thought it worth another try. I found I like the immediateness of the medium, the quick drying time and the texture. With ever improving products, the colours and quality are now more superior than they used to be. 

Mixed media collage
Acrylics are an excellent medium for my new-found love (mixed media collage). This came about during a recent painter’s block episode, I was looking for something new and exciting and suddenly started sticking things on my paintings!!

Pastel paints
Not forgetting pastel paints. I have always had a secret passion for these lovely soft chalks. Again the directness of the colour, the satisfaction of a quickly achieved finished painting and the versatility of soft pastels. I often ‘repair’ a disappointing water-colour by complementing it with pastel (a very pleasing effect!). 


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I can supply vouchers for classes and workshops ideal for birthday or christmas presents. Please contact me to arrange so I can add a personal touch to the card. 

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